Wednesday, March 18, 2015

down the toilet

Isaiah 29: 16
" You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!  Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it,  'You did not make me'?  Can the pot say to the potter, ' You know nothing'? "

Well, well, well... guess what I did last night? No, not that. I was mopping water off of the floor in my powder room, in my laundry room, and in the basement 1/2 bath.  Why?  Our brand new powder room toilet, that was just "professionally" installed on Friday, failed.  And to make matters worse, because of some other shoddy work that was performed that day by the same plumber, we are not on good terms with this plumber. His reaction to our dilemma was pretty much "too bad, too sad" (his wording was a tad more colorful).  It's funny how your world gets turned upside down when things like that happen. I was so excited to have some things get accomplished in our ongoing renovations. The proverbial "one step forward, two steps back" scenario.  My joy went "down the toilet". There is hope, however (maybe not with the plumber). Today was a new day. I awoke to a dry floor, a cleaner laundry room (bonus!), and even the 1/2 bath was a bit more tidy. I have to keep at it everyday, putting my faith and trust in God.  After all, he doesn't give up on me.  Thank you, Lord.

We've had a taste of Spring the last couple of days.  Yesterday afternoon I didn't even wear my jacket. So I have Spring on my mind.  I will, however, need a jacket for this changing Spring weather. Here are a few jackets that I'm thinking about.

This "Canvas Field Jacket" is from Old Navy.  I think it's timeless and would go great with a lot of my wardrobe . It comes in 3 colors and they are all neutral. 

Levi's® Denim Trucker Jacket
Another great timeless jacket that I've been wearing lately, is this classic Levi's- "Trucker Jacket".  I found this one on,  but I'm sure you could find them at other Levi's retailers.

I pray that your joy doesn't go "down the toilet", that your world doesn't turn upside down (in a negative way), that you won't need a plumber anytime soon and, most importantly; I pray you have a wonderful, joyful, peaceful day!