Friday, March 27, 2015

Bacon, bacon, bacon!

Romans 14: 20
" Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a person to eat something that causes someone else to stumble. "

Forgive me if I'm causing someone to stumble.

 My family loves bacon. As a family on a tight budget, I don't buy it as often as I used too. Why is it so expensive?  One package barely feeds my hungry family.  Bacon is everywhere these days.  Did you catch the new " Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza " from Little Caesars? Oh my goodness!
But, what really intrigues me is the mix of sweet and savory. So I've been keen on trying bacon donuts and cupcakes.  The best cupcake that I've had (hands down), is the "French Toast" cupcake at Flavor Cupcakery and Bake Shop. It's available every Tuesday.

Bel Air, Cockeysville Cupcake Cake Bakery
Delicious! (and they look perfect)

Last week, I found maple flavored cake mix and icing on sale at Target and I had to give it a try. I just followed the baking instructions on the package for cupcakes.  Before I baked the cupcakes, I baked 5 slices of  bacon that I sprinkled with brown sugar, on my broiler pan at 375* for about 12 minutes. Already yummy, yummy!  When the bacon was completely cooled, I crumbled it into small pieces.  Then, when the cupcakes were cooled and iced, I topped them with the bacon. Can I get an Allelujah!?  The house smelled so good, I wanted to lick it! Here's a pic of my cupcakes...

Delicious! (and rustic looking)
I'm not sure how long the cake mix and icing will be available, but I'm thinking I need to go back and buy some more! Let me know if you have a good maple cake recipe, I'll keep you posted if I find a good one.  Also let me know what great bacon recipes you've tried and want to share. I pray I haven't caused you to stumble on your diet or fitness routine. I saw a great quote from Martin Luther the other day, that makes me feel good about this post.

It's true that a good diet is the best medicine when it suits the individual, but to live medically is to live wretchedly . . . I eat what I like and will die when God wills it." - Martin Luther, Table Talk   

Amen to that! Have a blessed weekend.