Thursday, March 5, 2015

and... try, try again!

Psalm 118: 8
" It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans. "

I've been having trouble collecting my thoughts again today; probably still suffering from grief.  Not to mention we are getting another 5-8"  of snow as we speak, so needless to say my children are home from school again today.  I've been outside twice to shovel snow, I just cleaned up a spilled cup of chocolate milk, I'm doing laundry, dishes (extra because of the kids), and my girls room looks like a bomb hit it....a typical mom day, with a mom who is struggling.  I'm taking refuge in You, Lord.  I am calling on Your holy name. Please be near me (please send me to a tropical beach and be near me there!).  I am secure in the fact that God is always near me in my struggles and times of sadness, and even on a snowy day surrounded by the most beautiful group of little humans I know. Thank you, God!

As ready as I am for Spring, the snow is beautiful. It makes everything look fresh and new.