Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gone with the wind

Ecclesiastes 1: 14
" I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. "

Oh my goodness, I started to type this post a couple of weeks ago. I've been so busy, that I haven't been writing a lot lately. This topic came to me because, literally, from all of the wind we've had late in the winter and early this spring. Just when I thought the wind was dying down, it would pick right back up again. The linen bow on my front door wreath blew away a couple of weeks ago,so frustrating!! The temperature has been fluctuating up and down dramatically; hence the wind. Today is going to be in the 80's, and it'll be cooler again next week.

When I started to type this a few weeks ago, I was going to write about the Holy Spirit. I often think of the Spirit rushing down and through the house as a mighty wind where the apostles had gathered. I would love to feel the God's presence like that. Just to hit me like a great gust of wind that I feel around me all of the time. But unlike that moment in Acts (Act 2, to be precise), I don't feel God's presence rushing around me and through me like that. I long for it, but it hasn't happened for me like that. Sometimes, I feel God in a tender touch from a loved one or friend, I hear His still small voice when I pray, and listen, really listen for his will. Sometimes it's even in a flood of tears: tears of sadness, tears of relief. I still welcome that gust of mighty wind (blow me right over, Lord, I'm ready!!), but if I never feel God's presence like that, I still know in my heart that He is ever present with me. Thank you, Lord for never leaving my side.

Another topic came to me, though, through the wind, "Gone with the Wind". This has to be my all time favorite movie. I read the book too, years ago (sooo different than the movie). The character of Scarlett, though, is still the same. Scarlett is strong, determined, naive, smart, stubborn, headstrong, beautiful, flirtatious, and so much more. I wanted to be Scarlett!! Unfortunately, if you truly were Scarlett, you'd have to go through more than just a few cotillions and barbecues. You'd have to go through war, disease, death, loss, starvation and poverty. Do I really want to be like Scarlett? Unfortunately, we all have to endure hardships here on earth. Just like at the end of the movie when Melanie dies and Scarlett has her epiphany about how much she loves Rhett, these unbearable things we have to endure, mold us to be the people we are. If we cling to God and our faith in the midst of this kind of wind or storm, we will be transformed in His likeness, as we are promised. The promise is real, the promise is sure. The promise is Jesus.

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"Take your hands off me, you drunken fool."
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I pray you have a great day today, enjoy it. And, I also, pray you have a good day again tomorrow.
"After all, tomorrow is another day"!!!