Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm going to run to you

Mark 9: 15
" As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him. "

Have you ever seen anybody run with their hands in the air in praise and worship?  Come to my neighborhood sometime.  It's me!  Do I always run like that?  No (you don't get good time running that  But sometimes when I'm running, it's the only quiet time I get during the day.  Sometimes I imagine
God reaching down to touch my hands. Sometimes I imagine I'm running right into His arms.  Can you imagine being so overwhelmed with wonder that you would run straight to Jesus?  I hope you do.

I've got running on the brain.  Sorry.  I run in my first 5k since I can't even remember, tomorrow.  I really just want to finish.  Fortunately, I'm running in a nice flat area, and all of my running around my house is very hilly. Really, if I get a number and a T-shirt, I'll consider it a great success!  Pray for me.

Here are some great inspirational tees I wish I thought of...
 (all images were found on Pinterest- click on links to find out how to purchase)

Christian running tank top
This is my favorite. Isaiah 40: 31

Racer Tank, Running Shirt. Hand Printed Women's Clothing  SHE IS FIERCE Workout Yoga Tshirt Tank Top Gym Shirt Burn Out Racer Tank Top
I'm not very tall, so...She is Fierce
i neeeeeeeeed this in my life! NEED! not want... NEEEEEED!!! <3
Love everything about this- Starbucks Parody

I pray your weekend is a good one!