Monday, April 27, 2015

I finished!

 James 1: 4
" Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. "

That James really knew his stuff.  What great advice; certainly words to live by.  I guess growing up with our Lord and Savior gives you a certain amount of wisdom.  And that's the beauty of the Bible. God gave us these words to help us through our trials and struggles. Every word, chosen for us.  While my trials my be different from your trials; and our trials different from other Christian's trials around the world. They are certainly real, and knowing that I am being perfected by God gives me hope to persevere through them.

Speaking of perseverance.  I did it! I finished my 5k on Saturday.  I haven't run an official 5k since 2010.  A few things have changed since then. The biggest change was the birth of our youngest child in 2012.  While I have continued to run, there's something about finishing an actual race that's satisfying. There were witnesses, time keepers, and a crowd to cheer me on. I don't usually get that on a normal Saturday morning run. The best part of the race was not finishing, though.  It was knowing that I was supporting others who are going through the trial of ALS.  I was blessed to see some of those people participate in the 2 mile walk.  That's perseverance!

Here's some pics from the race.

Pre-race with my BIL and SIL.  My 8 year old walked the 2 miler with them, and my 11 year old ran the 5k with me.

Me and racing girls!

My BIL crossing the finish line!  Last year he needed a cane. Last fall he walked 10 miles ( See 10 Mile Miracle).
 Last weekend he sailed through the 2 miles with ease! He gives all of the glory to God.  God is Great!!