Tuesday, April 7, 2015

If you like pina coladas...

Exodus 39: 24
" forsooth beneath at the feet they made pineapples of jacinth, and purple and vermilion and bis folded again;"

This verse in Exodus is from a translation of the Bible I'm not familiar with; the Wycliffe version.  Other translations use the word pomegranate in place of pineapple (but that wouldn't work for me today, so we're sticking with this!).  This verse describes how the priests ornate garments were to be adorned. There is a lot of very precise description here. If the Israelites could see the jeans and t-shirts my pastor wears on Sunday mornings, what would they think?  

I've been noticing a lot of pineapples and tropical prints this spring already.  Recently, I picked up a cute t-shirt in Kohl's (practically for free!) with a cute pineapple print.  I can't wait to style it with more of my spring and summer shorts, pants and skirts. Here is how I wore it on Saturday, to our local Easter Egg hunt.

I wore my pineapple shirt with these green jeans (older) from Talbots.  There are so many other bottoms that I have that will go great with this top, I can't wait for the warmer weather. 
I saw this exact pineapple print on 2 blogs. This one is from Sequins and Things. Follow the  link to find out how to purchase it ( it also has a matching crop top ). 

I pray you have a wonderful day!