Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Hebrews 1: 10
" He also says, ' In the beginning , Lord, you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands' "

It all belongs to you, Lord, the heavens and the earth. Happy Earth Day!  God wants us to be good stewards of all that he gives us, and that includes our beautiful blue planet.  So, in our house we recycle a little, turn lights off a lot, and try to pick up after ourselves inside and outside.  It sounds so simple, and it really is. Today is a good day to start if you haven't thought about it before. Thank you, Lord for the earth. Thank you for giving me dominion over my part of it; help me to take care of it. Amen.

The weather is changing again: warm sunny weekend last weekend, a cool (maybe even frosty) weekend this weekend.  That's spring in Maryland.  I have a lot of running around to do lately, my girls are in flag football, 2 days/ week.  And now that it's 4th quarter at school, we'll soon have spring concerts, field trips, field days, and even talent shows to attend.  I am literally running, too. I'm going to run in my first 5k this weekend. And I try to run a couple of days/ week anyway.  How does a busy mom of 7 keep up? I spend my mornings in prayer for one. But with the sporting activities, at least, I wear activewear. Not the old sweatsuits of yesteryear. You can get a lot of cute sporty outfits almost anywhere. Here are a few things I'd like to add to my wardrobe to get me through the next couple of months and beyond...

Here are 2 cute pieces from Kohls- Tek Gear.  They have coordinating shorts and jackets and a wide variety of colors. I've been partial to this shade of green lately...
Love these capri length yoga pants!

Target carries a line of activewear from Champion that has great color and style, too. Even Walmart has activewear from Danskin, called Danskin Now. You can spend more on cute activewear, but with my big family, I like to know that I have options at a great price and that's conservation, too! 

Enjoy your Earth Day!