Monday, August 24, 2015


Psalm 61: 5
" For you, God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name. "

I am so blessed to have the heritage that I do.  I come from a family of strong women.  Most of the time it serves me well, sometimes it's hard on my husband and those I am closest too. Sorry, that's the way God made me! I have a heritage of two wonderful grandmothers that were very different. Both strong loving, women, but two different styles.  I want to share just a bit today about my mother's mom: JVH- "Manaw". I think the reason I even have this blog today has a lot to do with Manaw.  She has been gone from this earth for nearly 30 years, so she wouldn't know anything about blogs or even computers. What she had was style. Not style that came from having money (both of my grandmothers grew up during the depression), but style that came from striving to be her best.  She was an excellent cook, always had a beautiful, clean home, she was the hostess with the mostess, and dressed perfectly for every occasion. A true lady. Thank you, Manaw, for my heritage.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm probably not as on top of things as my grandmother was (or strived to be), but she gave me a standard in which to live.  When I was a young girl, she gave me a great little purse called a "Bermuda Bag".  I still have it.  It is Lilly Pulitzer inspired with a reversible cover. Pink and green with animals on one side and plain pink on the other.  So preppy!! Manaw had Lilly Pulitzer style. The few pieces of "Lilly"  that I have remind me so much of her. Here is a pic of my "Lilly" items (and I threw in my Bermuda Bag, too!).

Here is all of my "Lilly".  I always purchase it on sale (except for the agendas and the shopping tote).
The small items on top of the Bermuda Bag are the only "Lilly Pulitzer for Target" I was able to get.
Lip gloss from L'Oreal- "Orange Tempo", and essie nail color - "first timer"

The t shirt and the dress are the same pattern, "Seeing Pink Elephants".
Wonder why I love that pattern??  I purchased all of my Lilly Pulitzer from The Pink Silhouette.
(Here is a closeup of one of my elephants.)  
Never forget where you came from. It can inspire you to keep achieving or even drive you to achieve. Whatever your circumstance, we have all been given a heritage from God through His Son our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I pray today that you ask to Him to be a part of that heritage and if you already have, that you thank Him for it. Amen!