Thursday, August 6, 2015


Psalm 127: 3
" Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing. " (GNT)

Do you have a gift slip, Lord? Oh my goodness! Just kidding (mostly). What happens to children after the age of 12? We call it "creepy teenager" in our house. Sheesh! It's all part of the maturing process, the awkward tween/teen years. We all go through it. Thank you, Lord that I have You to go to on the more difficult days, but also, on the fun days. There are moments where I am still reminded of my babies and even better, moments I see the good people that are to come.  Thank you ,Lord, for my children.

We had one of those good times last week when I took my 12yr old & 13yr old to get haircuts. My 12 yr old daughter could not stop smiling, she was so happy.  Her hair had gotten pretty long, and most days she was wearing it in a bun on top of her head. She decided to go SHORT.  It is super cute.  When I see a style like that I want to go get mine chopped off too! Here are a few pics.

All the hair on top of her head was donated to Locks of Love.

After selfie -one day later. Super cute!

Even though it's short, it's still versatile.
She has a longer bang, so she can slick it back and even still use some of her hair accessories.

If you're thinking about getting your haircut I encourage you to know what you want when you get there and have a picture to show the stylist.  We found a great style on Pinterest and I was able to show the stylist a picture on my phone.  He did a great job! (Go see Bruce at Messanas!).

Thank you, God, for my beautiful family. Everyday is quite the adventure!!
I pray you all have a good (rest of the) day!