Friday, June 26, 2015


1 Peter 2: 16
" Live as people who are free, not using freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. "

I really like the ESV translation of this verse, although I generally use the NIV translation (that's the one I'm used too).  I think this verse sums up my feelings about living in America today. Isn't it amazing that something written thousands of years ago, is still so current and relevant.  We are a nation of free people, we have free will, we are free to make as many mistakes as we want (as long as they are legal), believe me, I've made quite a few.  Freedom doesn't mean we should live only for ourselves in our "if it feels good, just do it", society. We are free. We are free to follow God, and as Christians we are called to worship Him and serve Him. We are His slaves, His servants. However, He is a compassionate and benevolent Master.  He loves us unconditionally, He cares for us in our times of sorrow and sadness, He comforts us.  He feeds us when we are hungry and quenches our thirst when we are thirsty.  He is always with us, we are never alone. Thank you, Lord, that I am free.

I've been in summer mode since Memorial Day.  In the days preceding Memorial Day weekend, I pull out all of my patriotic accoutrements (say it with a French accent, it's sounds fancy!). Here are some things that I hope will inspire you to celebrate the red, white and blue, this Independence Day and throughout the summer season.

How simple is this? Flowers provide instant color and charm. 

Don't forget accessories. Jewelry and even cute fingernails can help complete any look.
These nails wraps are from Jamberry, in "Nautical" and "Mad Mod"

This is what we wore when we saw the Blue Angels air show in May. 

These nautical inspired outfits are appropriate all summer long, from Memorial Day to Labor Day or anyday!

I pray you have a fun and safe 4th of July. Let freedom ring!