Thursday, June 18, 2015


Matthew 11:28
" Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. "

Rest, sleep. I am all for it. I love a good nights rest. And, I'm planning on doing that one night really soon. God wants us to rest, too. We are no good to Him if we are up all night with worry and sleeplessness. We are His hands and we need to be able to function for Him.  Lord, thank you for rest (no matter how elusive it seems at times), refresh me so I can walk in Your ways and serve Your children. Amen.

Here are just a few tips for a restful bedroom.

  • Keep work out of your bedroom. No uniforms, no reports, no (work) computers or cellphones. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.
  • These are Jennifer Lopez 600- thread count sheets from Kohl's.
    They are currently on sale.
  • Buy the highest thread count sheets you can afford ( an absolute minimum of 200). Nothing is more comfortable than nice soft, clean, fresh cotton sheets.
  • Add some white noise. My husband and I have an air purifier in our room. It serves 2 purposes: it keeps the air clean of dust and allergens and, it makes a just the right amount of white noise. I have actually woken up when my room was too quiet after one of the children turned it off to hear the television better.  A fan also works well.     
  • Image result for diffuser doterra lavender
    Here are some great oils to try from doTerra.
  • Get a diffuser with a great scent. Lavender oil is a great one to start with, but you can also find some great restful oil blends as well.  
  • These are Supreme Blackout Grommet Top curtains from Country Curtains
  • Hang some room darkening curtains or shades. There's nothing more restful than a dark room. 
  • Clean your room! Clutter stresses me out. I can't stand to walk in my room and see a stack of laundry or the childrens toys.  Sometimes it's even my books or magazines. Clean it up.
  • Add flowers. Sounds crazy, but some fresh flowers by my bed make me happy. And, (bonus!) they are beautiful.
This beautiful arrangement is from Blush Floral Design Studio, a local floral designer.

I hope these tips help you get a good nights rest. Have a blessed and restful Thursday!