Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nation under God

Psalm 33: 12
" Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. "

Don't worry, I won't get all political on you today (I could, but I won't).  This verse reminds me of times when I went to church on Independence Day and sang "God Bless America" or another patriotic tune. It always brings a lump to my throat to think about how blessed I am to live in this country.  Thank you, God, that I live in this great country, and that I live in Your abundance.  Help me to share and serve with all that I have to those that are suffering and lost. Amen.

I like to change things up in my home depending on the season. As you would decorate for Christmas, I try to add a few things here and there to celebrate the seasons. I don't go overboard, though. This time of year a beautiful hurricane or bell jar with seashells in it or switching out a few throw pillows and some kitchen towels, seem to freshen things up. Here are some things I found on Pinterest that I really want to try in my own home.
I love this website!  Here is a wonderful example of  summer decor. So simple and so elegant.
(pic found on Pinterest via Stone Gable)

SUMMER-HOME-TOUR-breakfast-room-dishes-vignette-stonegableblog.com_.jpg 900×1,359 pixels
I love the simplicity of the burlap table runner. It's great for any time of the year.
Just by putting out some red, white and blue dinnerware and napkins. You've got a table set for the 4th of July!
(pic found on Pinterest via Stone Gable
Another beautiful room setting from Stone Gable. I really like the croquet set on the fireplace and the nautical knots on the coffee table. They are simple ways to add a little bit of summertime to a room. 

I hope you've been as inspired by these beautiful pictures as I have. Go try a few of these wonderful ideas, I know I am. Have a blessed and beautiful Tuesday!