Monday, June 22, 2015

See food?

Leviticus 11: 9 (and a little bit of 10)
" ' Of all the creatures living in the waters of the seas and streams you may eat any that have fins and scales. But...' "

Uh oh!  We are about to see in verse 10 if you read on, we are not to eat anything without fins and scales.  Thank you, Lord, that I'm a New Testament kind of girl! I live in Maryland and we eat CRABS!  We'll pretty much eat them anyway they come, too. We eat crab pretzels, crab cakes, steamed crabs, crab salad, crab balls, crab dip, softshelled crabs, crab soup, crabs, crabs, crabs.  This weekend we went to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels. They have an annual Antique and Classic Boat Show.  It's our family tradition to go each year to celebrate Father's Day.  The museum is located right next to one of the best crab houses in Maryland, "The Crab Claw".  The wonderful smells that came out of that building....mmmmm. We, however, had the 4 youngest with us, so sitting down in a restaurant and spending a lot of money on crab was out of the question.  We usually do our crab thing at home.  It's messy, and time consuming to eat steamed crabs (and expensive), so in this season of our lives it just makes more sense. I also make my own crab cakes and soups from time to time.  That's the best part of eating at home, you get to use some of the crab to make other delicious things.

I have a great recipe for crab and corn chowder, that I got years ago from an older woman at church. At the time we lived near the water  (on the western shore) where corn and crab are abundant.

This is the iconic Hooper Strait Lighthouse in St. Michaels, Maryland
(image found on Google Images)
Crab and Corn Chowder


4 Tbls Butter
2  Onions
1 small sweet Green Pepper
3 cups to a quart of Milk (whole or 2%)
2 large Potatoes (russets are fine)
3 cups of Corn (about 6 ears)
Salt and Pepper- to taste
Old Bay Seasoning to taste
1 Tbl Parsley flakes
1 lb of Crab (backfin is preferable)


Saute first 3 ingredients until onions are translucent.  Add milk, potatoes and corn salt and pepper. Cook until potatoes are tender, then add crab spice to taste (I personally like a lot!). Add crab meat before serving.

Delicious. Serve with a  nice crusty bread and a fresh salad. Dinner is served!

I pray you have a blessed Monday!