Thursday, July 23, 2015


Jeremiah 29: 13
" You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. "

Lord today, I'm seeking to understand.  My family has suffered the sudden loss of a young family member. Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Son. It was very sudden and unexpected. I think the family members are in shock today. Why, Lord, would this happen?  I'm not sure we will know the answer in this lifetime, here on earth.  But, I do know that seeking Him in the middle of this storm with all of my heart, I will find Him. When I was at the beach a few weeks ago with my family, we searched every day to find beautiful seashells. And, just as we seek up and down the beach, through the crashing surf to find our treasure, we need to constantly seek our Father. We will find Him.  Lord, be with those today who are seeking. Give comfort to them, Lord, carry them in your loving arms until such time they have the strength to walk again alongside of You.  Amen.

Shells. My nickname is Shelle (pronounced Shell). So, I claim all things with shells on them. Obviously, they are mine.  We always come home from the beach with a collection of seashells.  We find the most beautiful ones (to us).  With so many "collections" of seashells in the house, I'm always using them in some way. I usually put them in clear glass containers for decorating, or in an empty flower pot on my deck (although, I had to stop that practice, the dog thought it was her midday snack!).  Last Friday, we decided to make some seashells even more beautiful, by painting them. What a fun project for kids of every age. My 2 year old, sat at our dining room table for about an hour painting, wiping, and painting again, her cash of shells. So sweet.

Here's a pic of my 2 yr olds beautiful shells.

She had access to 10 different colors, but chose 3: yellow, orange and red.  She then proceeded to take a wipe and wipe off all of the color so she could paint them again!  I chose to paint a beautiful beach sunset. Lol!

Today, Lord, as we seek answers unimaginable, let us first seek You. You will lead us to your ultimate beauty and treasure. Thank you, Lord, for small reminders everyday, that You are God and You are good.