Friday, July 10, 2015


Psalm 134: 2
" Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord. "

I am not a hand raiser in church: usually.  I grew up in a conservative church where that just wasn't a common practice. No one told me not to, or that it wasn't proper. It just wasn't done.  I know people that can't seem to sing a song without their hands in the air, and that's good for them. I find God and feel worship in my most inward places. It's very personal for me and yet I feel called to be around others who choose to express their worship more outwardly. I like that we all have different gifts and talents and callings. I would like to think that God doesn't care so much about the position of my hands when I worship, but more about the position (or condition) of my heart.  Lord, when I raise my hands to you in worship (or not), let it be my heart you truly see. Let my focus be only on you and all that you are. Amen.

Speaking of hands...(oh yes, she did it again!) I just finished an online Jamberry party.  I have blogged about Jamberry before. Jamberry is a direct sales company that sells nail wraps and polishes.  Nail art is so trendy right now. I especially like the wraps because they last so much longer than a manicure.  For someone who doesn't have a dishwasher (me, me, me!!!), that's important. Here are some pics of my nails. They lasted my entire vacation.

I applied my nail wraps on Thursday prior to vacation.
I chose "mad mod' for my ring finger and "nautical" for the rest of my nails. (Did you notice the anchors?)
Click on the link above to see all the cute nail wraps that are available from my friend Jennifer

This picture was taken a week after application. That evening we ate steamed crabs for dinner, 2 days later I got a compliment from a complete stranger (a man!). Even my husband liked them and he's a pretty traditional guy.

Now is the time to think out of the box for nail color and design.  If you aren't sure you'll like nail art or wraps, try just one accent nail and paint the rest a coordinating color. Pick your favorite colors and styles to coordinate with your favorite sports team, your school, or choose a beautiful floral or an updated graphic design. Whatever you choose, have fun!  

Have a blessed weekend!