Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Jeremiah 7: 29
" Cut off your hair and throw it away; take up a lament on the barren heights, for the Lord has rejected and abandoned this generation that is under his wrath. "

Again and again in scripture, we see God's people all out reject Him and forget all that He has done for them. You'd think that after witnessing miracle after miracle that they'd finally get it. But, they don't. And I hate to admit it, but sometimes (maybe not after seeing the Red Sea part), we forget too, all the things God does for us. Starting today, in the beginning of July, let's try to remember just one blessing, one good thing, perhaps even one miracle in our lives. I know we can do it. Let's start this month out in gratitude and Thanksgiving.

So my "miracle"for today is this one...

Here's a pic just minutes after she was born!

This is my baby girl, born just 2 days after I turned 46 years old. I certainly hadn't struggled with infertility, since she does have 6 older siblings, but sometimes God puts a desire in your heart you didn't even know you had. A year before she was born, I suffered 2 devastating miscarriages. One just 2 weeks after I lost my job: at 16 weeks our baby boy, Angelo, and another, a few months later, much earlier in my pregnancy. I hadn't planned on having 7 children (honestly, probably no more than 2...) but each one of my babies has brought me so much joy, hope and promise.

Here are some more cute pics of her throughout the last 3 years she has blessed our family.

Here she is at nearly 1 year.

Here's my beach baby, in 2014.

You can never have too many accessories!!
And of course this gem from Easter this year.
She's getting so big!!!
The one frustration that I've had with her lately is that she won't let me do anything with her hair. That's part of the reason she has bangs, she won't let me pull her hair back with a cute barrette or bow, and on the rare occasion that she does, it almost immediately gets pulled right back out.
So here was my surprise yesterday...

We found this cute hairstyle on Youtube.
And, she kept it in ALL day!!!

Here's my little miracle at my parents house enjoying a blue frosted cupcake,
with her hair still styled!
I hope that today's post inspired you to remember a blessing today. It's easier for me to remember my blessings when I write them down. That's why journaling in the morning during my prayer time works well for me. When you journal, you can always look back and see where God is working in your life, and where you may need to spend a little extra time on your knees, too! 

I pray you have many blessings today and everyday, and you take some time to remember to thank God for them.  Thank you, Lord, for my baby girl!