Friday, July 8, 2016

Be a pineapple

Exodus 39: 26
" The bells and pomegranates alternated around the hem of the robe to be worn for ministering, as the Lord commanded Moses. "

In one translation of this verse, the bells are described as pineapples. That makes sense visually, a pineapple does look like a golden bell.  I've been liking this T-shirt (pictured below) for some time. It keeps coming up on my FB feed.  It's cute, isn't it? Well today, as I adjust my crown, I'm going to stand up tall and still try to be sweet (although, I've eaten pineapples that are still a bit tart inside, too).  

Yesterday, I had a horrible FB experience. I was noticing a lot of inciteful posts on my cousins feed about the horrible and tragic, police involved shootings in Baton Rouge and in Minnesota. As the wife of a police officer, I thought I would post a loving, sensitive reminder about how my husband and most other police officers are good people who don't hesitate to put their lives on the line to protect and serve all people. Unfortunately, my post somehow started a firestorm. While I had 2 big likes, I had many people who were not happy about my post. I was told that, as a white woman,  I couldn't possibly understand the reality of raising black children who are being "targeted" by the police. Targeted was the word actually used by someone I love. And that wasn't even the worst thing said, I can't even repeat them. I have been blocked by my own daughter, who now thinks I'm a racist. And, I blocked my Aunt, not because of anything she said, but because of an angry, vile post from one of her "friends" towards me and my family. Immediately after I tried to reach out to her over the phone to let her know why I had blocked her (btw, I was told I was wrong), I walked into my bedroom and witnessed my worst nightmare, and the worst nightmare of all of my police wife/spouse friends. This morning the horror continues as now 5 police officers are dead, and 7 others are wounded. 

Pray with me today, friends. We need love, and we need grace, and we need forgiveness. The crown I eluded to above, is only on my head because I am a daughter of the one true King. I am a child of God, a child of the light. And in this darkness, that we seem to now be going through, we need the light of Christ more than ever. If you have never consciously prayed and asked God into your heart, into your life, do it with me right now. If you too, today, are adjusting your own crown, pray with me as well. We all need the hope and strength that only God can give us. Stand tall with me friends and share the sweet, sweet truth of our loving Savior and King.

Monogrammed Pineapple T-Shirt
This T-shirt is from MARLEYLILLY.
Right now, you can get a free pineapple necklace with a purchase of $20 or more.
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I am thankful today, for my faith. Because of my faith, I am surrounded by faithful, believing people who offer encouragement and prayer, people who offer forgiveness and not judgement, people who offer me guidance and not condemnation. Thank you, Lord, for leading me to you and to those that serve you. Amen.

(If you want to know how to pray for our Law Enforcement Officers, I just saw this great article by Joe Carter. Please take a few minutes today and pray, pray, pray!)

Have a safe and blessed weekend.