Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Blue Angels

Isaiah 40: 31
" They will soar on wings like eagles; "

Last weekend my husband and I went away together, ALONE,  for the first time since our son was born. Our son will be 15 in September! That, my friends, is waaayyy too long to wait. We originally were going to take our children with us because of the event we went to see. We went to an airshow in Lynchburg, VA. We are so glad we didn't take them. Don't get me wrong, we missed our children and brought home some fun souvenirs for them, but we really enjoyed our time together. I kept thinking of how this was truly God's purpose for our marriage, to enjoy one another and to have fellowship with one another. I pray we have more weekends like last weekend. Thank you, Lord, for my husband. Amen.

 The Lynchburg Regional Airshow was so much fun! Who'd've thunk it?! Every year that we have been able to, we've been going to see the Blue Angels perform from the WWII Memorial across from  the Naval Academy during Commissioning Week. (see this post from last year- Blue Angels Day)

This is a picture of  "our spot".
Do you see the garden on the right with the trident in it, in between the wall and the memorial?
That's it!
(pic found here on Google Images)
We are going to miss the show today. My husband has training at work, so this year isn't going to happen. That's what motivated us to go to Lynchburg. I'm so glad we did! Here are some pics from our weekend. 

The day started out cool and dreary. We weren't even sure we'd get to see anything fly because of the cloud cover.
Finally around 1 in the afternoon, they proceeded with the show.
Here are some young recruits being sworn in to join the Airforce. It was so moving!!
And here's some of the action.

There were many exciting acts before that performed. This is the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team.
So cool!

If you told me I'd like to see a "jet truck", I would have laughed in your face.
But....I LOVED IT!
Here's the Shockwave Jet Truck racing a really exciting young pilot, Scott Francis.
(the pic is fuzzy because there was a LOT of exhaust from the truck)
And of course...The Blue Angels!!

Later that evening we went out to dinner.          

I got filet mignon with zucchini and mashed sweet potatoes.
It was also served with salad and rolls.
My hubby got shrimp and scallop scampi
 (also served with a salad and rolls).
We went out right after the airshow, to
The Depot Grille
My husband picked out the restaurant,
it was delicious!!
On Sunday, we checked out of our hotel a little early and went to Appomattox Court House before we hit the road. Here's my fave husband on the porch at The McLean House, the actual house where Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9, 1865. The National Park Service is celebrating it's 100th birthday this year. I encourage you to take advantage of all of the history and beauty that our national parks have to offer this year and especially this summer with the kiddos!

Isn't he a cutie?
I pray today, that you take a look at your spouse and remember why you are married. Please take a moment and thank God for the blessing that your spouse is, was, and can be (yup, they can be a blessing!). Amen!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!