Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Nehemiah 13: 27
" Must we hear now that you are doing all this terrible wickedness and are being unfaithful to our God by marrying foreign women. "

In those days, marrying women of other faiths was a great sin. It would ultimately take men of  faith away from God. Neither were Jewish men supposed to give their daughters in marriage to foreign men. The Jews needed to grow their faith and their families to further the kingdom of God. In this book, Nehemiah is charged with not only rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem , but also the spiritual rebuilding of the Jewish people.

When I was a little girl, I sometimes felt like a foreigner. Most of my cousins were fair, and even my brother, though a brunette, was more fair and freckled. I am olive complected and have dark, dark, brown/black hair. Exotic. Although at the time, I felt like I just didn't fit in.  It wasn't until I was nearly in my twenties that I discovered that way back in my gene pool we were part Greek. I definitely pulled those recessive genes out of the family closet! I've learned to embrace my exotic appearance and especially in the summer sun, love my olive skin. I also love the latest trend of tassels and boho chic style. I think my exotic appearance suits this style. My fave husband, got me a pair of adorable sandals for Mother's Day that suit me and this style to a T.  Here are a few pics of my exotic outfit I put together on a sunny Monday.

I love the color of this top. I actually found it in my daughter's room.
(Thank you, Honey!)
I paired it with some olive linen pants that I purchased from cabi, years ago.
(Similar style here )

Here's the smile you get when your 14 yr old son is making you laugh while he's taking your picture.
And here are my cute new Sam & Libby sandals. My husband picked them up at Target for me.
Click the link above to see them. 

I pray you have a terrific Tuesday!