Monday, May 16, 2016

C'est la vie

John 14:6
" Jesus answered, ' I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.' "

Life isn't like the opening song in Oklahoma,"Oh,What a Beautiful Mornin'".  Don't get me wrong, I still get up each day and thank God for it. Even with the gloom and rain that we've been having the last few weeks, each morning is beautiful as it holds promise and hope. The part of the song I'm referring to is, "Everything goin' my way".  Not in my world, at least. I like things to go smoothly. I like to have a plan. But when you're herding cats like I am all day, things just don't  "go my way".  The French phrase, "C'est la vie" is so appropriate. Such is life, why do I expect anything different? The difference for me, as a Christian, is that I have Jesus. I know that even when life isn't going my way, I can go to him with all of my troubles, my sorrows, my frustrations, my worries, my anger and disappointments and find comfort, forgiveness, acceptance and love. That's how, at the beginning of each  new day, I can honestly say, " La vie est belle". Life is beautiful!

C'est la vie for this next series of pictures. I was going for a French look, like this...

Casual :: Bucket bag & Boyfriend jeans:
Very chic, right?
(Pic found here on Pinterest)
Here's what I came up with...Lol!!!

My favorite 12yr old (nearly 13yr old) photographer captured these... the pictures are fine the lighting is not.
 We tried! 

 I have a lot of striped tees. Most of them are navy and white. This one is black and white. It makes a difference!, (that's what I told my husband).  While navy and white makes a nautical statement, black and white seems very French and sexy to me, hon, hon, hon (French laugh, read it with an accent). I purchased this tee at Target on Mother's Day. I can't wait to wear it with my new black shorts. I think a vibrant coat of red nail polish and lipstick are in order, too. 

I pray your day reminds you that "La vie est belle"!!
Life is beautiful, have a beautiful week, too!