Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stitch Me Up!

Colossians 2: 2
" That their hearts might be comforted, knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the father, and of Christ; " (KJV)

Paul can not be in Colosse in person, so he sends this letter to the Colossians for their comfort, to encourage them. We all need people in our lives, like Paul, to encourage us in our walk of faith. While personal faith is important, going it alone was never part of God's plan. Find a good church, your "Paul" just might be waiting for you there.

I just tried the most fun shopping service this week, you may have already heard about it: Stitch Fix. Basically, Stitch Fix is an online fashion retailer that uses a stylist to choose clothing suited just for you. You fill out a style profile on the site, but they also will look at your Pinterest board and, if you blog like me, they even check out your blog style! For only a $20 styling fee, you schedule your "Fix" and in a little more than a week, you receive a box of 5 items, personally selected for you. You can purchase all or none of these items, and your $20 fee is credited to anything you choose to keep. You also get a discount if you choose to keep all of your items. Here's what I found at my front door on Monday...

A box of new clothes? Why thank you, I'll take that!!
And here's what was inside of it...
This entire outfit: navy blazer, boyfriend jeans, blouse and shoes, were in the box.
I don't know how they did it, but the jeans fit great!

I also received this adorable knit tank.
These shoes were the perfect fit, too.
Not something I would normally have purchased,
but I loved the color and style. 
You also receive a note from your stylist with some suggestions on how to wear these pieces with other items you may already have, or may want to buy. How fun!

 I'd love to tell you I purchased everything, but my budget wouldn't allow that this time. I did keep the coral blouse, though. Shipping the items back to Stitch Fix was so easy. You get a prepaid mailing bag in your box. I just went to the post office this morning and within minutes, I was done. Try Stitch Fix, I know you'll like it. Click on this link to try it yourself:

I pray you have a fun Thursday. Please leave a comment today.
 I'm pretty sure we'll hit 10,000 before tomorrow!!