Friday, October 16, 2015

Miss Charlotte

Psalm 103: 16
" the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. "

This verse reminds me that time here on earth is so precious and fleeting. One minute you are holding your precious newborn in your arms and the next, they are off to college and working, and someday, having precious children of their own.  I was trying to find a verse that reminded me of Gone with the Wind. The night before my Charlotte was born I was watching that movie and timing my contractions. It was twenty-three years ago this past Wednesday that my second beautiful daughter was born. I have such wonderful memories of her growing up a precocious, adventurous, sweet, smart, precious girl. I have video of her, not nearly a year old, sitting on the floor and just pivoting around in a circle. I have a photo of her covered from head to toe in a bag of flour, just moments before we were to take her big sister to ballet class. I remember her first ballet recital when she was a busy little bee, buzzing around the fair. I remember her first preschool Christmas performance when she rocked "Felice Navidad". Everyone came up to me afterwards to tell me she was the star! I remember her standing at the bus stop on her first day of kindergarten in her school uniform and her red "Chuck" hightops. I sobbed all the way back to my house. There are so many more memories, I'd have to right a book, not a blog post to share them all.

My baby girl is now a kindergarten teacher. A grown woman. I am so thankful for her and proud of her. Even though I don't see my girl as much as I would want to, I think of her everyday. I see parts of her in her younger brothers and sisters (most of them good...).  It has been such a blessing to be her mother. Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!
Here's a pic from Charlotte's graduation from the University of MD, this last spring. What a wonderful day!
Go Terps!!