Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A day off...

Exodus 31: 15
" For six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, holy to the Lord.  Whoever does any work on the sabbath day should be put to death. "

Boy, am I glad we live in light of the New Testament, or we'd probably all have a big problem with this verse!  I can interpret for my own selfish purposes, though.  Michelle's translation Exodus 31: 15b, " Whoever does any work on the sabbath will work themselves to death! ".  So now who's in trouble? Probably still most of us, but if you're a parent, most definitely, you're toast! Children are a full time,24/7, lifetime job. So, yesterday when I found myself free of most everyone (still had baby) for a few hours, I was thrilled.  Not because I don't love my beautiful children, but Lord, I need a break. I need adult interaction. Working myself to death here, Lord!! That's why it's so important to take some time and "rest" in the Lord. I get up super early in the morning to make sure I have time to rest (sounds counterproductive doesn't it?).  It's true, resting in His word and seeking His will rejuvenates me. We are no good to God if we are run down and out of gas. So, take a day, a couple of hours, a few minutes off (even from your precious little gifts), otherwise you're gonna work yourself to death! Amen.

Here's my clan (minus the 3 biggies). Love them so much.
Help me!!!! I need a break, they're working me to death!

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I pray your soul, your body, and your mind find rest and peace today and everyday!