Friday, September 25, 2015

One bad apple...

Isaiah 65: 8 (MSG)
" God's Message:  'But just as one bad apple doesn't ruin the whole bushel, there are still plenty of good apples left. So I'll preserve those in Israel who obey me. I won't destroy the whole nation.'  "

This translation is different because it refers to apples instead of grapes, but you get the idea. God doesn't get rid of all of us because of a few bad apples or grapes, right? And the same thing can be said of a few bad days or a few bad decisions. God will not abandon us. Thank you, Lord! I've had plenty of days when I need a do-over. Thank you for a new morning. Another chance to bear good fruit (whichever fruit you may want me to be!).  Amen.

My cell phone needs a do-over. It finally died yesterday. So after I finish writing this morning I will be reconnecting my old Samsung. Here's a pic. (wa wa waa...)

OMG! I can't believe I still had this phone, but thank goodness.

I have to use this phone, because we hadn't budgeted for a new phone for me right now. So while I'm using this fine Samsung product (circa 2009), I'd love some input into what kind of new cell phone you all would recommend. I'm considering an Apple phone like this.

This is a pic of the new i phone 6.
or.... a Samsung Galaxy?

What works best for you? I'd love your input. Please comment below and let me know what you love or don't love so much about your smart phone. Thanks for your help!

I pray your weekend is fruitful!