Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strike out!

Psalm 89: 23
" I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries. "

It has been a year to this day that my brother-in-law, Tim, was diagnosed with ALS.  A day that has changed the lives of people I love, considerably.  My sister-in-law posted this on FB this morning; what a perfect description of her perspective as a woman of faith.

"May 5, 2014. On that date our lives were changed forever by three letters ALS. What a year it has been. This past year God has showered us with mercies, miracles, blessings, answered prayers and so much love that it is hard to comprehend. This journey is not exactly what we had in mind for our middle age years. I was thinking a condo on a Hawaiian beach would have been a great idea. But God in His goodness and love has allowed this in our lives. We continue to trust God and know that no matter what the circumstances He will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you to our wonderful friends and family and the tons of people we don't even know for praying for Tim, for me, and for our family. Although this journey is hard, and sometimes scary, Tim and I walk in the strength and peace that God gives us everyday. One day at a time. Cherishing every day that we have and taking nothing for granted. Keep hope in your heart always!! xo
Young man on the beach in Sri Lanka
Though circumstances may be difficult, God doesn't give up on His plan for us, and...

My hope is that you all continue to support people who are facing the challenge of ALS.  Raising awareness like the "Ice Bucket Challenge" last year, is a good start. But many people need support financially for medical services, equipment and of course research for a cure.  Most importantly there are families that need your support through prayer.  Together we can "Strike Out ALS"!

Here's my fashion statement for today. Eat your heart out Vogue!

Cool Tee from my 5k last week! Wearing it with pride.
Have a blessed day!