Friday, May 8, 2015


Genesis 3: 20
" Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. "

Sometimes I feel like I'm the "mother of all the living"! There are certainly people that have more children than I do, though (Mom!).  I am so blessed to be the mother of these beautiful children that God gave me.  I still remember the excitement, anticipation, and even a little fear nearly 25 years ago when I first became a mom.  Even though I have to admit that every day has not been all rainbows and sunshine, I love my children so much and I am so proud of the gifts and talents each of these wonderful people have. Each a different creation.  Truly a miracle from up above- most days.  And of course as much love as I feel for these beautiful creatures, I know that my mother must feel the same -most days (at least for my brother,lol!).  I love my mother very much, and pray that my children love me as much.  So today, two days before Mother's Day 2015, I pray for those moms out there.  I pray for their children, too. I also pray for those who have lost their moms, that they find comfort in the memories, traditions and legacies that have been passed along from mom to mom.  Thank you, Mom. I love you!

Here are my beautiful creatures.

Me and my "babies".

Happy Mother's Day!