Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Home is where the heart is

Luke 12: 34
" For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. "

I do not live in a mansion.  I live in a modest townhouse in a middle class area in Maryland.  Is it my dream home? No way! Do I want to move? Some day.  Why am I here?  My earthly treasure is here.  My family lives five miles away. My children are in a wonderful school district.  The children have made dear friends here, we are attending a great church here. My heart is here.  Are all my treasures here on earth? Certainly not! My ultimate treasure is in heaven. My heart is full.  Lord, help me to remember every day that I should not trust in things of this earth, " where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in, and steal" (Matthew 6: 19b).  Help me put my trust in you and you alone, for where you are, is where my heart should be.

Today you get a 2-fer!  I started this post yesterday morning and  had no time to finish.  The next 2 weeks will be hectic for me to say the least.  I have 2 spring concerts this week 2 nights of flag football , 2 afternoons of pre-season football weight training, and 2 field trips. Next week, I'll start all over again minus the concerts and 1 field trip, but add "The Blue Angels", and my daughter's college graduation.  No pressure!
I wanted to show you something around my house for "Habitat Tuesday", but I don't feel like it anymore...long story (let's just say, thank God my treasure's in heaven!).  So we'll just move onto "Wellness Wednesday".

For Mother's Day, my wonderful husband, Jim Bob (oops, wrong husband), set me free in Kohl's with his credit card for an hour without the kids to get a little something for myself. Roughly $54 later, I came out with an entire workout outfit; including a watch and  sport flip-flops. What does this have to do with wellness? Well, I don't know about you, but when I look good, I feel good. And when I have a cute workout outfit...I wanna work out! Here are a few pics of things I purchased.
Tek Gear® Women's Molded Sport Flip-Flops
These cuties were on sale and I have worn them everyday since I bought them. They are so cushiony!
Tek Gear Womens Molded Flip-Flops- on sale $11.99
I also picked up this tank.
Tek Gear Printed Racerback Yoga Tank-on sale $13.50
I also purchased this watch, and a pair of  Tek Gear Colorblock Workout Shorts- on sale for $15.60.

Women's Sport Chronograph Light Green Resin Strap Watch
Armitron women's sport watch-Kohls 

I hope you find inspiration to go out and move.  I pray you have a day full of joy and wellness.