Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bulls Eye!

Lamentations 3: 12
" He drew his bow and made me the target for his arrows. "

You don't want to be on the wrong side of the God's bow! Unless he's shooting arrows of blessings, quickly move away!! However, there is nothing wrong with being convicted by God's word. An arrow of truth, shot in your heart, is a good way to turn your life around. Conviction, confession and repentance are a part of walking with God. We fall short, we sin, we are convicted of sin, we confess, we repent. We are human. Thank you Lord for the lessons that we are to learn from your conviction. Help us everyday to confess our humanness and seek you.

My prayer of my children returning to school this week, was not answered the way I was hoping. School has been cancelled for the rest of the week. I'm sure it's exactly the outcome my children were praying for, though. Oh well, at least their faith has been boosted. We did, however, get out of the neighborhood for the first time.  Yay!! The children had gift certificates to Barnes & Noble from Christmas that we hadn't yet used, and we made it to our local Target for a quick grocery stop. It was a fun afternoon.

Here are a few things that we found in our travels.

Wedding Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #19)
My daughter and I are reading this series of mystery books together.
The latest installment will be out on February 23rd, and she used her gift card to preorder a signed copy of this book.
Joanne Fluke- Wedding Cake Murder 

Girls' Cat Graphic Tee Red - Circo
For some reason, my toddler insists this is the Valentine Tee for her!
I think I may have to go back and pick one up.
Target- Girls Graphic Tee Red- Circo

Stoneware Coffee Decal Mug W/Our Love is Slow Roasted - Grey - Evergreen™Stoneware Coffee Decal Mug W/You had me at Coffee Red - Evergreen™Stoneware Red Patterned Mug - 3 Hearts White - Evergreen™Stoneware Coffee Decal Mug W/Red Perfect Blend - Evergreen™
What a great Valentine gift idea for the coffee lover in your life (hint, hint!). All of these mugs are under $5!

I pray you have a terrific day, today!