Friday, January 15, 2016

Love letter

Ephesians 5: 25
" Husbands, love your wives. just as Christ loved his church and gave himself up for her, "

One of  the greatest responsibilities in the Bible is the one God gives to our husbands. So today, I'm going to write my husband a love letter...of sorts.

This was our last morning in Disney, last January.
  We were so tired and happy !

My Dearest Husband,

How do I love thee, let me count the ways!
Well, one thing that I don't care for is your constant nitpicking!  I mean seriously, who cares if everything isn't absolutely perfect when you walk in the door? I mean really. You're lucky I'm still here and sober most days!
And as for being the perfect wife and mother during the day and your sex kitten at night...not with four hours of sleep, buddy! What I am most desirous of is a full eight hours of sleep someday in this lifetime. I would also like to sneeze without peeing myself, but we know I might not get to do that either after giving life to our beautiful children. But, I digress...
How do I love thee? And quite frankly, why do I even still love thee??
I love you because you saw in me the angel I never was and hoped to be. I love you because you were so painfully honest the first time you asked me out. I mean, seriously, who asks a woman with three children out to dinner on their first date, and then the very next question is, " Do you want any more children? " ?  You did, Love, you did. And I went out with you anyway!
I love it that you always want what is the very best for our family. You always strive for the best in all of your projects. You have a great vision for how things should be done well. Nothing in my house is duct taped together, that's for sure. Of course, not a lot in my house is finished either, but I'm trying to be nice now.  I know that one day, we will have a beautiful home.
I love that you have a heart for others in need, and that you are as sensitive as I am when you hear a sweet song on the radio, or even when you see the sad commercial with the starving puppies on the television.
I love that I feel safe with you. I always have. You have protected me physically and emotionally, you are always my advocate (except when we are having an argument), and I know I can always count on you.
I love that through the darkest hours in my life, you have been there to hold my hand and pray with me, never leaving my side. You've also shared some of my greatest joys. You have been my strength and my hope.
I love your faith. I know your heart is in the Lord and that you want that same thing for our children and for me, and that you are by my side at church and at Bible study, learning and growing with me.
I love that you want to grow old with me, and that you have hopes and plans for our future together.
I just love you, in spite of you sometimes (as I'm sure you could say the same for me), but I  love you with all of my heart.

Your Favorite Wife!

My Dearest Husband and our beautiful children at our favorite place in Maryland, St. Michael's , last summer.
I pray you have a wonderful weekend. 
Spend it with someone you love and truly love them for being who God created them to be.