Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Try, try again!

Job 17: 10
" But come on, all of you, try again! I will not find a wise man among you. "

So, poor Job, a good man whose life was filled with turmoil and injustice, still has to deal with his goofy friends. Been there, done that. Actually as a goofy friend though, certainly not as Job!!  I'm pretty sure I have foot in mouth disease. So please forgive me, if I offend you. I'm almost certain it's completely unintentional!

I need to try again today. Certainly, once again, in my walk with God (I had a derailment last night with one teenage son!!!), but on a more minor note, with my fitness goals... yes, fitness. Uuuugghhh!!! I'm so frustrated with myself right now. I know better! I stepped on the scale this morning and the number not only didn't go down since I first posted that I was going to get more healthy, it went up! So here I go; try, try again.  This morning I actually took pictures of myself (that you will NEVER see!) so I could take some more pics again in another month. I want to see results. I want to be accountable to myself.  So, pray for me, and if you see me with something unhealthy or calorie laden, please save me from myself, I'll help you, too.                             (Only if you want me to, no offense! there goes my foot-in mouth again!)

A friend of mine posted this little diddy on Facebook this morning. Perfect timing.

Thank you, Kelli!!
(Image found on Facebook)

Oh yeah, I took the pictures of myself in the cutest foundation items I have ever purchased. They actually look like a bathing suit set (again, you won't see me, EVER, in these items), but I wanted to share them with you. I only paid about $12 for the set because Victoria Secret was having a special yesterday. I love it so much, I may need to go back and buy some more. There are so many cute styles and colors.

This is one of many styles of the bralette, New Seamless Cutout Bralette- Victoria Secret. I chose blue.
I purchased the matching Seamless Little Cutout Hiphuggers to match. So cute!

Thank you, Lord, that you have given us another day to start afresh.
 I pray this is the day that we all try, try again.

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