Friday, April 22, 2016

Bloom where you are planted

1 Corinthians 7: 20
" Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them. "

Happy Earth Day!

The outside of my house is looking so great this year! My beautiful trees are in full bloom, my lilac bushes are nearly bursting forth their fragrant treasures (hopefully sometime this weekend!), and we just put in a couple of new azalea bushes that are a deep, beautiful pink. Spring is definitely in bloom. What does the above Bible verse mean? Remain in the situation I was in when God called me? Huh? The title of today's blog post sums it up nicely. When we are called to Christ, we are not all called to leave our jobs and our homes and begin missionary work or go to seminary and become pastors or priests, or even leave behind a spouse or family member or friend that may not be "saved". We are to spread the gospel, the good news and love of Christ, where we are, and who we are with. If God wants to change your circumstances, than by all means, listen to his call. But as you grow in Christ, your light will shine and you'll see sprouts budding all around you. You may not even notice them at first, but in a few seasons, you may even see a beautiful garden in full bloom. Thank you, Lord, that I am where I am. I may not see it yet, but all around me you are planting seeds, help me to bloom and grow where I've been planted. Amen.

I need to plant some new annuals around the house. I've made that my weekend mission. I love red geraniums, so that's a no brainer. This year though, I'm going to mix in some pink ones too. I have a three year old that loves pink. So hopefully, I'll have some nice pics to share with you next week of my new pretty prettys.

Here are some pics from last year...

And, so far this year...

Enjoy your Earth Day, and I pray you have a blessed weekend!!!

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