Thursday, March 17, 2016

Not easy being green

Psalm 52: 8- NKJV
" But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. "

Happy St Patty's Day! I love a good theme, so today is easy for me. In our house we go green. We wear green, we decorate green and we have a menu plan that's semi-traditional. (I do a pot roast instead of a corned beef brisket, because I would be the only one to eat it!). I love this verse in Psalms because I can identify with it. I have always had a child-like faith. A "green" faith mind you. I have questions, but I never question. I am curious, not cynical. I admit, that I always didn't "get it". I grew up knowing about God and going to church, but I just didn't have a personal relationship with Him until I got to college and even then, didn't always walk the walk. I am so blessed that God has gifted me with this strong faith. I know now how important it is to keep it green; growing and thriving. I pray today, that you wear your green not only on the outside, but inside where it really matters. Amen!

I will probably blow this whole "healthy" thing right out of the water today. I started my day with water (good), a few cups of coffee (ok), and a chocolate donut with green sprinkles(bad!)! But it is St. Patrick's Day and I don't drink beer, so...I'll eat a healthier tomorrow.

Here's my breakfast of champions!
Oscar the Grouch donut (for my 3yr old) and chocolate with sprinkles for Mommy!

Here's an Irish blessing for you today,

(Image found on Facebook post)

Enjoy your St. Patty's Day! Remember, eat responsibly.(Lol)