Monday, March 7, 2016


Malachi 3: 6
" I the Lord do not change.  So you, the descendents of Jacob, are not destroyed. "

Whew, I'm glad God never changes, because if He behaved at all like me, we'd all be in BIG trouble!! The steadfast of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end.". (Lamentation 3:22 ESV) 

I change things up all the time. There are some wonderful changes we can make in our lives. So, change for us mere mortals can be good. My house has gone through a lot of changes lately. Definitely a change for the better. Here are some pics of  good changes around my house...
my kitchen after. (almost done!!)

My kitchen before...
Practically everything has changed! I have new floors, new cabinets, new microwave, new stainless dishwasher, and new concrete counter tops!!! We are waiting on a new stainless stove, my new sink and faucet still need some work, and we need new drawer pulls and handles. I'll keep you updated when it's all done. Good changes, all good!
This is one of my favorite spots in the house.
My husband changed the original coat closet into this nice cubby and behind the wall in my kitchen,
I now have a pantry. Good change!

Here is the after. We're also doing  some landscaping.,and
my husband's installing a walkway to the backyard.  Can't wait!
Notice my front porch
(behind those 2 beautiful girls!)

Certainly these are some wonderful changes. We rely on our God to be never changing,steadfast, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Hebrews 13: 8). He wants us to conform to His image, to change in our hearts and in our minds and in our souls. He is the transformer, the changer. I pray you allow Him to make a great change today!!