Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super food

1 Corinthians 9: 25
" Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that does not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. "

I didn't remember this Bible verse (the context, not the verse)!! I love it! I would love to wear a crown around the house for a while, just to let the people I live with (you know, the commoners) get a real appreciation for my "forever" status. Of course it would only be temporary, I probably couldn't wear it to the grocery store or to the library. It might confuse people. Oh well, such is life for accolades here on earth. For every trophy I've earned or every award I've won, they are truly temporary. I will wear my forever crown when I go home to Jesus. Can I get an Amen?!

If you were looking at the title of this blog post to see some super healthy menu, I am so sorry. You have come to the wrong post. I have football on the brain, and even though I won't be at a big party, I love a good theme. This Sunday won't be any different. It's football party food all the way, baby!

For starters...

 Chipped Beef Cheese ball

2- 2 oz pkg air dried beef
1- 8 oz pkg cream cheese softened
2-4 tbsp of prepared horseradish (depending on the amount of heat you like)

Chop the beef into small pieces. Set aside. In a bowl combine cream cheese horseradish and half of the chipped beef. Mix until well blended (this is when I taste it to see if there is enough "heat"). Refrigerate the cream cheese mixture and the other half of beef for at least an hour. When set, roll cream cheese mixture into ball (or football shape). Roll cream cheese ball into remaining beef. (For football shape, you may have to press the beef into the cheese ball. Serve with some tasty crackers.

This is, by far, my favorite cheese ball. My mom and I have been making it forever. We don't even use a recipe. For this Sunday instead of a ball shape, I'm going to shape it like a football.

Main Course.

Ham, Apple and Cheddar Sliders
Ham, Apple and Cheddar Sliders
I saw this episode of "Valerie's Home Cooking" a couple of months ago, and have made this for my family already.
My 14 year old son loves it!
I'm going to bake a ham and slice some up thin for the sandwiches, that way I'll have plenty of ham leftover for another meal or two.


No-Bake Sweet-and-Salty Cereal Bars
Sweet chocolate candies and salty peanuts and pretzels make these no-bake cereal bars the perfect snack.:
I found these cereal bars scrolling through Facebook yesterday.
I made them right away, but with some modifications for my little one with peanut allergies.
See recipe here-
First off, no peanuts! Also, I substituted semi-sweet chocolate morsels for the candy-coated chocolate (these aren't safe because they are processed with other products that have peanuts). The chocolate morsels will melt a little bit, but they were still delicious. And finally, I took just a pinch of sea salt and sprinkled it the top to add a touch more salt to my "salty" because I had eliminated the salty peanuts.
Here's my version. Delicious!
I'm looking forward to a super Sunday! What team are you rooting for? I'm torn this year, my team's not playing and there are reasons I like both of the teams that are (I like the uniform color of the Panthers!). Please comment below and let me know your team or even your menu, I'd love to know what you have planned.
Have a blessed day!