Thursday, August 25, 2016

The last first

Matthew 20: 16
" So the last will be first, and the first will be last. "

This verse is about envy. Specifically in this parable, the workers were none too happy that those that only worked an hour, got the same wages as those that worked all day in the sun (to be quite frank, I wouldn't be very happy about that either!). But we need to look at the true meaning of this parable, and rejoice!! I had very little understanding about God and Jesus growing up, even though I went to church, I just didn't get it. It doesn't matter to God that I came to the party a little later. His gift to me is the same gift He gives to all who believe. Whether we come to Him as children or at our final hour, we are given the same thing...eternal life! (No returns. No exchanges!!)

I am celebrating today, my children's return to the first day of school. For two of them, it's the last, first day of elementary school, and middle school! Where does the time go?? Here's a couple of pics I took this morning as my kiddos were headed out the door.

It was this young man's 1st day of 10th grade. He didn't really want his picture taken, lol!
 I'm loving his new jeans and shirt. His father took him to Kohl's to get a few new things for school.
Isn't he handsome??!! (Kohl's- Men's Urban Pipeline Slim-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans, and
Men's Urban Pipeline Print Button-Down Shirt)

Here's my 8th grader ready for her last, first day of middle school!
(She has new clothes, too, from Kohl's, but she didn't wear them!)

and finally, this girl...

My girl's last, first day of elementary school. It's hard to believe it!!
Love her new tee from Kohl's-Girls 7-16 Mudd (similar style).

While I'm celebrating the first day of school today, I'm also celebrating another new day in Christ! Yay, another one!! Thank heaven, because I could really use a  redo some days. I pray that you have a wonderful new day today, too. 

***Also, I have been so blessed by these quotes from Beth Moore's latest Bible study of 2 Timothy, Entrusted ,, #EntrustedStudy. Here's one that hits a homerun for me***