Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Cold Shoulder

Proverbs 31: 21
" When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet. "

This verse is part of the book of Proverbs that I've heard referred to as "The Proverbs Woman". There have been so many writings and teachings on these verses. Should we strive to be this virtuous woman described in this book? Well, maybe we could do without the wool and flax and the whole planting a vineyard thing, but there are a lot of virtuous characteristics that we certainly would be better people if we put them into practice. But also, let's not be too hard on ourselves if we don't exude these characteristics all of the time. While we certainly don't have the challenges in our lives that the woman referred to in this book would have had, we do have daily challenges and struggles. If by the end of my days, when my children and my husband can reflect on my time with them, though fraught with complaints and I hope laughter, they could still "call me blessed"(vs.28), I truly will have been blessed myself.

I have the "pleasure", most every morning, of walking our family dog. While this morning was a bit warm here (in the 90's yesterday and upper 80's today), there have been a few mornings recently that have given me a taste of the chilly weather yet to come. Before you know it, it'll be downright cold! A fashion trend that has carried over from the spring and summer into the fall is called the "cold shoulder". Basically it's a top, sweater or a dress that has the shoulders cut out of it. I'm really liking it. I tried on a dress the other day at TJ Maxx that was a perfect transitional dress for summer-fall. Here is a "selfie" I took with my favorite little mermaid beside me.

Do you see my shoulders or, like me, are you fixated on the adorable mermaid beside me?
This dress was under $20!!! (actually the mermaid costume was more, Lol!). I thought it would be perfect with sandals right now, and then in a few weeks with a cute scarf and some booties. Like these...

Women's Journee Collection Emm Faux Suede Booties
These cutie booties are from Target- Women's Journee Collection Emm Faux Suede Booties

Give the "cold shoulder" trend a try, I think you'll like it, too! Please leave a comment below and let me know what your current favorite transitional look is. I'd love to hear from you. 

I pray your Wednesday has been wonderful!!

***Update on Entrusted study by Beth Moore. I got my copy this past Saturday, and I'm so excited to get right into the memorization!! Here's an excerpt from Lifeway Women All Access***
(click on link below for excerpt)