Monday, September 12, 2016


Proverbs 30: 21
 For three things the earth is perturbed, Yes, for four it cannot bear up: " (NKJV)

I love it that the word "perturbed" is in the Bible! It just suits my mood today, and I am glad that Solomon found wisdom in this word here in Proverbs, and in some translations when Jesus was getting ready to raise Lazarus from the dead,  Jesus is even described as being perturbed. Why would the Bible use this word to describe Jesus' frame of mind (of course I can only guess...)?  It happens when he is being questioned about why he hadn't gotten there in time to keep Lazarus from dying in the first place. I would be perturbed, too! How dare they question the Son of God!! Not that I am likening myself to the Son of Man, here. Perfect I am not. Ask any member of my family, they'll fill you in (with fervor)!! What I like, is that it shows Jesus as being perfectly human, but still being perfect. Thank you, Lord, that you understand our emotions. You know we feel joy, happiness, peace, and love, but also, anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, and fear. So many ups and downs, Lord. We need to come to You with all of that, no matter what our frame of mind, You want us to bring it all to You. Not how we want to be, but just as we are. Amen!

My entire family has been sick (with a bad cold) this last week, taking turns, dropping like flies, one- after- the- other...except me. Thank you, Lord, that I have not been ill. However... these people are plucking my last nerve!!! And to make matters worse, by Saturday night, I was actually jealous that I didn't have a day to just lie around in bed. I know, most moms have this same issue, we are the caregivers, I get it, and I love caring for my family. But Lordy, Lordy!!! So, this morning when I was having my alone time with God, I complained!! But I also, had to ask for forgiveness for my grumbling. And then, when I thought me and God had reached some kind of mutual daughter missed the bus, my husband was grumpy, and I'd had it again....another prayer for forgiveness needed. Why can't my family seem to cooperate just  when I'm feeling good about things again. Well, I guess they're human too. Jerks! (insert another prayer for forgiveness here). Lord, please send me a glass of wine and a it too early for a xanax??? Thankfully I have neither one of those things in the house. I'll settle for a cuddle with my toddler, another cup of coffee and the peace of knowing that when I finally come back down off the ledge, that God, in His mercy is going to forgive me, yet again!!

Here are some pictures of just arbitrary things that I did the last few days,enjoy, or don't, because...I'm perturbed!!
This is my girl last week at the playground with some friends.
I don't like the way my phone did this to my picture...just saying.

Here I am trying to take a picture of a transitional fall outfit that I thought was cute, until I started to take pictures and
everyone in the house needed my attention...again!
(more details about this when I'm in a better mood)

Here I am, actually looking a bit perturbed, getting ready to watch the Ravens game at my brother's house.
I am also unhappy because when I posted this picture on instagram ( see @lipstickonanelephant )
 I mispelled the word collide (I missed an L) and I had no way to fix it!!!

I pray you have a good day today (better than my morning, certainly!), remembering that even when you don't, God's there for you, to hear about it and help you to move on to the next one!!