Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's a zoo out there!

Genesis 6: 19
" You are to bring into the ark two of every living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you. "

Well I have to say, that Noah did a fantastic job of saving the animals. Thank you, Noah, and of course God, for animals! Amen.

Yesterday, I took my daughter and her bff to the zoo with some of our neighbors. We had such a nice day! The temperatures dropped a bit yesterday, so the weather (aside from a quick 10 minute rainstorm) was quite comfortable. My daughter's favorite part of the day was feeding the giraffes. They are awesome creatures! So tall and majestic with beautiful markings and coloring. It was a bit intimidating to have such a big animal come right after your hand, so I had a few looks of concern from the girls, but afterward they couldn't stop talking about it.

 Here are some pics from our fun day at the zoo!

This was the best! If you ever have an opportunity to interact with the animals, you've got to do it!!

The picture above and the two below were taken near the elephant habitat.
 You know I love me some elephants!!

This pic was taken in the Children's Zoo,in the oriole nest replica.
There are many interactive displays in the children's area, culminating in a farm setting with  a goat pen.
The children and adults are encouraged to brush and pet the goats.

You have to have a snack to keep up your energy.
These soft pretzels were as big as the girls heads!

I hope you enjoyed the glance into my day. I hope if you're ever in Maryland that you make some time to spend a day at the zoo. I have been going to this zoo for nearly 50 years, and I always seem to learn and see something new and wonderful!

I pray you have a great Thursday!