Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Ask her Grandma..."

Proverbs 17: 6
"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. "

So yesterday, I was watching my friend's little girl (we'll call her "Madeline") who is 18 months old, while my daughter and her friend were in gymnastics. A little boy, who was there with his grandmother, had gotten some cookies from the snack machine while he was waiting for his big sister. Very sweetly, he asked his grandmother if he could share a cookie with Madeline (so sweet!), until she said...and I quote, " Ask her grandma if she can have one. " Yes, in this little story, I am referred to as the "GRANDMA"!!!! Someday, I want to be a grandmother, but right now, as none of my children are married, not so much. I realize that I am old enough to be a grandmother, too. My own parents were only 46 when they became grandparents for the first time. I also know that there are many other people who are grandparents way before they are 49 (I'm almost 50, but not quite there yet!). I suppose it was an honest mistake (humph!), but I don't have to like it! Moral of the story: Don't ask a woman if she's pregnant; she might not be, AND, don't assume a woman is a grandmother, it's way more flattering to ask if she's the mother and she'll love it that you thought she was young enough to be one!

My 50th birthday is now less than a month away. As you may have read in, Fine with 50?, the closer I get, the less thrilled I am about it (especially after the whole grandma thing!). Last night at the dinner table with my adorable family, I tried to tell them what I wanted for my birthday. I never finished my thought. Nobody was listening. I was interrupted and the subject was changed before you could say "Jack Robinson" (I'm not sure why that phrase came into my head, I guess I'm just getting old!). Help!! I'm not ready to be an old grandma yet! I wouldn't mind being the "hot", beautiful grandmother...but I digress. I'd love to know what your tried and true anti-aging tips are. Be honest, be clear, be specific.  Is it essential oils? Which ones? Is it a lotion, a potion, a regimen??? Is it exercise, diet?? Which ones? What are you wearing? (let's be honest, just because you can still fit in clothes from the Juniors Dept doesn't mean you should still be wearing them!).  Please comment below and tell me all of your secrets. I wanna know! I'll give them a try and write about them. Sounds like a plan.

I pray today, that if you are a grandmother, that you embrace it: grandchildren are a "crown". I know how I felt when my brother had children, so much joy and love, and I don't really like him all that much (joke, Mom!).  I can't begin to imagine the love, and the joy I'll feel when my own children begin their families. Lord, children are such a blessing, each one of them. I have had the joy and felt the pain and the overwhelming pride at being called a mother, thank you, Lord, for each of my beautiful children. One day, I hope to be called grandmother (I'd prefer mother and have to correct someone), and wear that crown with pride!

Here's a recent pic of me that I took before I went out to dinner with my 13yr old and her bff.
I didn't feel grandmotherly! I took it because my daughter told me I looked cute ( she's always been my favorite!).

**Don't forget to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you,  and tell me about those anti-aging tips. I feel like I'm fading fast...**