Thursday, December 3, 2015

I'm square!

Matthew 18: 22
" Jesus said to them , 'I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.' "

I know I just used this Bible verse a couple of weeks ago in my post- 7, but I was reminded of it when I was thinking about my birthday. No, I'm not 7, and I'm not even 490. I just turned 49 this week. 49 is an interesting number. It's actually a square number, but not only that, it's the first number whose digits are both square as well! That makes me utterly and hopelessly square!! (just ask my kids, they'll tell you it's true).  I've had a couple of people say, "You're 29, again, right?". No. I'm not ashamed of 49. I'm embracing 49. I've earned 49!

 Thank you, Lord, for 49 challenging, crazy, funny, unbelievable, but mostly blessed years!!

Square also reminds me of my latest decorating obsession for Christmas this year. The pattern is actually called "Buffalo Plaid" or "Buffalo Check". Basically, it's an oversized check pattern. I believe I had a black and white buffalo check dress back in the 80's (very chic!). Here's an example of the print in a simple gift bag found at Target.

Spritz Buffalo Plaid Gift Bag Small Cub
Buffalo Plaid Gift Bag-Target
Only $2!!

Snowman Toss Pillow - Red
I really like the subtle plaid on the snowman's hat,
 and this pillow could be used throughout the winter season.
Snowman Toss Pillow- Target

 Even this cute Snowflake ornament is "square"!
Holiday Plaid Snowflake Frame Ornament
Plaid Snowflake Frame Ornament- Target's a couple of beautiful trees I found on Pinterest, that are rockin' the Buffalo Check.

Black and White Mixed Plaid Christmas Tree MichaelsMakers By Stephanie Lynn:
Image found here- Pinterest

Tartan Trimmed Christmas Tree - would be cute for one of the "mini" trees.:
Image found here- Pinterest

So, being square (or check or a buffalo) isn't a bad thing. It can be beautiful and fun!
 I pray you embrace the day and where you are in it. I pray that you count today as a blessing!!